Why should choose Organic Products ?

AYUR-AID™ is the trade mark of ASRDEEP ORGANICS (P) LIMITED (ASRDEEP Group Company)
•Ayuraid was Build for the Wealth of the Society, especially Rural India. Involve more than 10 Lac people by 2020
•Ayuraid support people to get their better value by their Production / Manufacturing / Farming etc.
•Ayuraid is an Association of Farmers.
•(Ayur-AidTM) is a Designed by Late Sri. H.D.P. Srivastava (Agriculturist, Visionary, Farmer, Scientist, Inventor) & Smt. M. Srivastava (Backbone of this Dream Project, Visionary)

Avail Pure Food & Clean Environment to each individual
MISSION “Purity”
To get pure Organic Food & Organic Food Supplements.

About Ayuraid

We care for you..
  • Free from Fertilizer & Pesticide.
  • Natural Process use for Agriculture.
  • No Chemicals use.
  • Farming in Natural Climatic Condition.
  • Better for Health.
  • Reduce The Toxic Load: Keep Chemicals Out of the Air, Water, Soil and our Bodies.
  • Reduce if Not Eliminate Off Farm Pollution.
  • Build Healthy Soil
  • Celebrate the Culture of Agriculture


of Organic Products
  • Pure & Lite
  • Healthy Food
  • Chemical Free
  • Nutritious
  • Nutritional Value is High
  • Taste Better and Truer Flavour
  • Protect Future Generations
  • Assist Family Farmers of all Sizes
  • Avoid Hasty and Poor Science in Your Food
  • Eating with a Sense of Place
  • Promote Biodiversity.


We care for you…!
• Consulting
• Training
• Processing
• Organic Seeds
• Organic Manure
• Organic Farming
• Organic Food & Products
• Organic Herbs
• Organic Cloths
• Stores
• Free Health Consulting & Help Line +91-9560-712-359